Real Film

Film was my first love. There's something special about shooting with film. Flaws become art and grain gives character. That feeling of excitement sending your roll of film off for development and seeing the final product.

Black and white film is where it's at! Classic and modern, all rolled into one canister of ILFORD HP5. When you go through your grandparents old shoe box of film prints and pull out those dusty B&W's you get hit with nostalgia.

That's what I want your grandkids to feel when opening up your shoebox of memories. Cause your memories deserve to be more than 1's and 0's.

Let them live forever.




So how does it work?

Simply request this exclusive add-on for your session and voilà. I'll be shooting hybrid, a mix of digital and film during your session. This automatically adds on a minimum of fifteen minutes to your shoot, to account for the use of both digital and film cameras during the session.


What do I need to do?

Nothing! Come as your beautiful selves and enjoy your session.


What happens to my film?

Once your session is over I'll store your film for approximately 2 weeks and ready it for shipping. I will handle all the shipping, communication with the company and receive your finished product. This ensures I can quality control all prints and make sure you will be happy with your prints. Pick up will be on Vilseck.


What exactly am I getting?

This depends on what package you would like to book! With the all inclusive package you will receive up to 18 black and white film prints in 13 x 19 print size as well as the accompanied high resolution scan in digital format.




Shooting, DEVELOPING, SCANNING & Printing

The “kick back and relax” method! I handle everything and you receive your additional digital images rendered from your film scans as well as your prints. Price includes additional shooting time, shipping, film development, high resolution scan into digital file and 13 x 19 prints of up to 18 images.



Shooting, DEVELOPING & scanning

Want to order your own prints? Just want the scans? That’s ok!

I’ll still handle everything and you’ll receive your digital film scans. You can then take your scans and have them printed at the lab of your choice. Price includes additional shooting time, shipping, film development and high resolution scanning.



Just Shooting

I want everyone to be able to enjoy real film, so if you do not wish to take advantage of the professional services from one of the highest quality film labs in Europe then you can request the roll of film after shooting and handle development and printing on your own terms.

*note in cancellations & refunds



important notes & Refunds

Real film is a physical tangible product and when subject to harsh and wet weather conditions the film can become unusable. Due to the sensitive nature of using film I will not be able to offer this service during rain or similar weather conditions (such as snow). If you booked this add-on and I am unable to shoot film during our session you will not be charged this additional film service. Additionally, it is possible that one or two images are unusable from a roll of film. No shots can be guaranteed and amount of images delivered will vary. This is the fun and risk involved with shooting film. If however, a roll of film becomes damaged or unusable in the process of shooting, shipping or development, to fault of the shipping company or film lab, you will be refunded your full payment (minus 5% transaction fee).

If you choose to develop your own film please be aware that I am not responsible for the outcome of the prints or scans or quality of the film development. Once you receive your film roll canister from me you are responsible for it. Please take loving care of your film, as it is heat and light sensitive.