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Yep, you read that right. This space is for positivity and where ideas come to grow and take flight. If you don’t see an opportunity that is right for you then you can always check back, as the types of styled sessions and collabs listed will continue to be updated.



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Get the deets


Here you’ll find a list of styled sessions I’m currently organising! These sessions are ideas I’ve had and been wanting to explore and create. They are loosely styled. The locations are predetermined based on the session. They are out of the box and a little bit different from my regular sessions, which is what makes them so much fun. Because these sessions are curated by myself and follow an artistic vision they are discounted. All sessions regardless of time, location or type are €100 and include 20 images. Of course you can purchase additional images if you so wish.

If you are interested in being a part of one of these sessions you can submit below.

Please only serious submissions and if you are available on the date listed.



Whoop Whoop! Here it is!

  • intimate in-water couples sesh - July 30th

  • real B&W film, adventure couples sesh - Aug 2nd

  • good vibes, city times solo portrait sesh - Aug 4th

  • intimate in-home couples sesh - September 7th



Q: So like, is that it?

A: Well no.. Once you submit a form I will contact you if the session is still available, if we're a good fit and if the dates line up.

Q: Wait? there’s a session & retainer fee? Why? I thought this was a free model call.

A: Both of our times are valuable and this holds your spot and ensures I’m not left standing there all by my lonesome, looking sad, eating sad tacos, by myself. it’s sad.

Q: So what do I get?

A: amazing awesome pictures. you get dope images nobody else has. you get them super discounted cause I (the super creative photographer here) love having fun and trying new things. the session includes 20 images for the crazy discounted price of €100

Q: IDK. I just kind of wanted something more your normal style. I don’t think i’m adventurous enough.

A: Are you sure? You’re probably pretty awesome. If you’re sure then you are welcome to book one of my “normal” sessions at the normal rate here.

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